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How savvy Australian couples follow a secret formula to predict the future of property prices, find investment property that pays off their home mortgage in 9 years or less, reduce their tax by up to 90% and get superior capital growth and guaranteed positive cash flow

Best Part: You Don’t Need to Give up Your Weekends Running from Open Home to Open Home, Compete with Cashed up Home Buyers at Auctions (And overpay!) or Spend Late Nights Doing “Online Research”. That’s Because This 2 Hour Live Broadcast Gives You a Stress-Free Formula to Follow And Gives You a Simple, ‘Done-For-You’ Property Investing Solution.

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What You Will Discover on This Free LIVE BROADCAST
How to take advantage of this current property boom. Discover the secret formula that shows you the best places to invest, where prices are set to rise (much) further, where your property will rent easily and where the rent will pay the mortgage
How to pay off your personal mortgage in 9 years or less without making any extra repayments or sacrificing your lifestyle. Hint: Many investors thought this sounded too good to be true… until it happened to them
How to legally and ethically redirect a good chunk of your tax payments towards your mortgage. You’ll see how one of my clients does it and is now building real wealth. (Few accountants fully understand the secret to unlocking this ‘dead money’. But you will!)
Presented by
Niro Thambipillay
named as one of the “Nation’s Property Experts” by
This FREE, 2 hour Live Broadcast is presented by one of
Australia’s Top Property Investment Advisors Niro Thambipillay. He
has invested throughout Australia since 2002. And he has helped
his private clients purchase well over $100,000,000.00 worth of
property. In this Live Broadcast, he’ll reveal his proven, predictable
and profitable strategies that almost any investor can use, starting
in 2021

Here’s more of what you’ll discover on this Free Online Broadcast…

** How to predict the future of property prices with uncanny accuracy so you don't miss out on capital growth. (Plus know which areas to avoid because they are getting close to their peak.)

** The secret to paying off your personal mortgage in 9 years or less. Without making extra payments and without sacrificing your lifestyle either.
** The simple technique that almost guarantees your investment property gets rented quickly and at a good price. This one tip alone could save you thousands of dollars.
** How to legally and ethically redirect a good chunk of your tax payments towards your mortgage. You’ll see how one of my clients does it and is now building real wealth. (Few accountants fully understand the secret to unlocking this ‘dead money’. But you will!)
** How you can get both positive cash flow and capital growth if you follow my simple plan. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

** Find high capital growth areas without spending late nights frantically searching properties online. My 7 proven steps show you how while sticking to your budget.
** The low risk way to build monthly passive income with property investing. So simple once you see it you’ll be itching to get started.
** How to choose between investing in a new or older property. Get the real facts so you make the right decision every time.

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Niro has guided me to create an amazing property portfolio over several years. I can highly recommend him and his recommendations.

- Rodney Clarke, Sydney

4 Properties in 4 Years – All are Positive Cash flow and Have Risen In Value

“When I was much younger, I had a financial planner and asked him to find me positively geared investment properties. They never provided me with even a single option, and I left them. When I discovered Niro later in life, not only did positive cash flow seem to be a basic selection criteria for him, but he also always has a keen eye on various economic factors to drive long term capital growth. My partner and I have bought 4 properties from him in 4 years and I’m eager to continue to grow my portfolio with him. I find that, superior investment options that seem impossible for many professionals to find seem to just be the norm for Niro. As well as this, he clearly communicates the whole process and makes it so simple, it really does put so many others to shame. I would always recommend exploring the investment options Niro can make available to you.”

- Ben Lachs

400% Return on My Investment in 4 years

I wanted a property that provided both positive cash flow and capital growth. Niro delivered on that. The property gave me positive cash flow for the 4 years that I held it. I sold it recently and when we ran through the numbers, I was stunned to see I had made a 400% return on my initial investment. Thank you Niro

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This Live Broadcast is 100% Free Right Now!